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    Hello, I'm Adam! I am from California and I am a graphic designer. My home park is Disneyland, I am an AP and try to go as often as I can. Here is a little more about me:

    Favorite rides: Haunted Mansion and Pirates.Ā 
    Favorite time at Disneyland: Halloween time!
    Favorite restaurants: Carnation Cafe, Blue Bayou and Jolly Holiday.
    Favorite treats: I love to mix it up during each visit. It's hard to choose!
    Favorite character: Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Oswald, Chip & Dale.

    Be sure to find me on instagram @theadamdisney and say hello.

    Why buttons? It's a simple answer really. Within hours of first setting foot at Disneyland, I fell in love. I got my first visit button and first Happy Birthday button for my 30th birthday. You heard that right, I had never been to Disneyland until my 30th birthday. It was life changing for me and the best birthday I have ever had. Upon my return visit a few months later, I became an annual passholder. I started collecting the buttons that were available at City Hall and wondered why they didn't have a wide variety of choices.

    I started browsing the internet looking for a specific birthday button for my 31st birthday at Disneyland and I couldn't find what I wanted! I have a degree in graphic design (and its also my job), so I thought "why not make my own?" My first button was the Jack Skellington "It's My Birthday Button." I bought a few buttons for me and my friends and we all wore them to the park. Many people asked where they could get it, if I could make them one or sell them one. So I decided to do some research and discovered that many other button makers essentially copy the Disneyland button format. I pride myself on being different, unique and I wanted to wear buttons that reflected that.

    I researched sparkle buttons, glitter buttons, glow in the dark buttons. I started testing designs on these different finishes to see how they looked. They looked amazing and they were different from any other button available. I started the social media pages, going to Disneyland and wearing my buttons. I got stopped frequently and couldn't believe the amazing feedback. Paint The Night was the very first sparkle button and I was and am proud that the Paint The Night button set the tone for My Park Flair.

    When I go to the parks I love to see people celebrating and expressing their special event through buttons. I love to talk to people when I am at the park, give them one of my buttons and make them smile. It's my way of being able to spreadĀ the Disney magic that affected my own life. The goal of My Park Flair is to inspire a unique personality through buttons, whether it's a parade, food, or a ride. The buttons express your unique personality and tell a different story in comparisonĀ to a regular button. It is my goal to continue to develop the buttons, to think big but remain small. To inspire love, joy and connections to others. Thank you for your support.